Therapy, the gift of being loved.

 I help individuals and couples who suffered from neglect and/or abuse in childhood, allowing them to become more self-actualized people in the world.  Often people from these family systems do not know how to advocate for themselves.  Do you say yes when you mean to say no?  Do you overextend yourself?  Do others needs come before yours?  I can help.

I also have deep experience supporting clients through alcoholism and addiction in early recovery as well as those issues that come up in long term sobriety or abstinence. Are you struggling with sobriety? Are you unhappy in your recovery?  Are you afraid life will be boring without drugs and alcohol? I can help.

Other areas I am experienced with:

-Anxiety–do you worry about what is going to happen next?  Do you find yourself not being present in the moment? Do you suffer from panic attacks?

-Depression–are you unable to enjoy life?  Do you sleep too much?  Are you unable to do daily routines of self-care?  Are you unable to remember the last time you were happy?

-Creativity and the creative process–are you stuck and suffering from creative blocks?  Do you long for creative expression in your life?  Do you wish to explore your creativity?

-Spirituality: Are you feeling that there is a lack of spiritual connection in your life?  Do you wish to explore spirituality? Are you afraid of religion or have past traumatic experiences with religion?

I can help.

My office is located in the Mission District of San Francisco, however due to the pandemic, at this time I am only seeing clients via video. I look forward to being in office with you again soon.

My rate is $200 an hour for individuals and $250 an hour for couples.

Contact Me:

Carmen Martines Psychotherapy


Carmen Martines, PhDc, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #124305

Phone: 650-516-7107