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Shelter in Place



You may feel alone on a vast sea of isolation.

Please know.

I am here.

I am committed to being here, staying calm, being gentle, staying on a schedule to the best of my ability, eating meals away from screens and distraction.

I want to be a pillar for my community at this time of uncertainty and unknowing.

We are in a dark hallway with out knowing what door will open next or onto what scenario.

In times like these it can be easy to slip down the rabbit hole of fear and anxiety.

Breathe deep.

Remember that fear and faith are in concept the exact same thing–belief in a future that you cannot see.  One says it will be dark and scary, one says, you will be taken care of.

Choose faith.

Choose connection.

Reconnect with the telephone.

Pretend it is the 80s again and you have a yellow rotary phone will a long tangled curly cord and you are on the phone with your best friend.

Have conversations deep into the night.

Practice social media distancing.

Titrate how much news you take in and consider your sources.

The news cycle can lead one into a state of panic and fear so quickly.  Step outside the cycle.  Check in once or twice a day for updates.  Take social media apps off of your phone.

Listen to music.


No one’s watching.

Dance some more.

Listen to nature, open you windows, the birds are still calling each to each.





Make up goofy limericks.

Learn a new poetry form.




Look at photo albums.


Do that again.


Read books.

Listen to podcasts.

If you have the ability and access to walk in nature, go!  Take a walk!  Be kind to others you may see, from a gentle distance, remember that a smile is a flower that you can offer to the world.

Inquire into your heart.

What are the things you really want to do?

You have time to ponder.

Write them down!

Make a list.

Take a hot bath if you have a tub, with bubbles.

Take a hot shower if you don’t have a bath.

Do that silly face mask you have put off doing.

Lounge with a cozy blanket.

Take a nap.

Drink hot tea.

Stay hydrated.

If you are in recovery, there are zoom meetings online!  Use that forum and stay connected.

Isolation can be a terrible thing, or it can be a gentle way of becoming connected to yourself, you heart, your psyche and soul.

You are fabulous company!

Practice meditation.  What better time than now when you have this spacious abundance of time to sit and be still with yourself.

Light candles and have a romantic dinner with yourself, put on some jazz or Bossa Nova, or classical music; you know what you like best.

Please yourself–dress in your favorite clothes, find those things that delight you and pull them out of the closet, put on makeup if it makes you happy.

Hug yourself.

Savor your food.


Find your art supplies and paint, draw, sketch.

Catch up on your homework.

Cook a nice meal.

Paint your toenails a silly color, no one is looking, in fact, make it glitter.

Learn origami.

Try to cut out paper dolls.

Try to memorize your favorite poem.



Sing out loud.

Sing even louder, no one is listening.

Be kind and gentle and sweet.



This too shall pass.


Bodypsalm for Uncertainty

May the plans you cancel

return you to another life

the one waiting as a patient lover

wondering when you will arrive

to the shore of your inner ocean.

In the midst of restrictions –

self-isolation and social distancing

take some ingredients for the journey

probiotics for the soul

the curiosity for small things

quince and daffodil blooming

sipping tea slowly

the free range of kindness

daily practices of breathing deep

reading poems and calling a friend

Drink in kindness and compassion

as you live in a time of not-knowing

become intimate with shadow

live creatively in dangerous times

alive to what comes

a meditation on wonder

calling you to soften

to the unknown.

~ Celeste Snowber ~

2 thoughts on “Shelter in Place”

  1. What a lovely post and a wonderful reminder to get back to the basics. Life is a journey, tome to slow down and enjoy the scenic route. Love you Carmen, may this time be kind to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this gift. Looking forward to you reading World According to Garp in between work and isolation!


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