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Super Bills

I am often asked by prospective clients if I take insurance.

I always feel a little let down when I say no, I want very much to provide the best possible care to my clients and I know that many out there rely on insurance to help cover the costs of therapy.

What I do provide, however, is something called a “super bill.”

A super bill is an itemized receipt that has my agency’s name and information, Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center, the clients name, birthday, a spot to input their insurance information (their insurance policy number) and a diagnosis.


Some clients don’t want a diagnosis.

They don’t want a paper trail or something saying “this is what’s wrong with me.”

There’s nothing wrong with you,  you are not broken.

You may have one or many areas that you will find succor by doing therapy.

Grief work.

Boundary setting.

Recovery from trauma.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, panic attacks, anxiety, depression.

This does not mean that you need to be “fixed” and often a diagnosis or a label leaves a client feeling like they are broken or need to take medications.

I am not opposed to medication either, there are certain things that really should be treated in conjunction with a psychiatrist, absolutely.


If you don’t want to be labeled be aware that your insurance company will require your therapist to provide a diagnosis.

Now when I do a super bill for my client I explain what the diagnosis is that I have come up with and I do a thorough assessment and a few sessions before coming to anything definitive.  I do not give the diagnosis without consulting with my client.  I want to empower my client and help them understand the language of the diagnosis.  I leave the choice to them, always.

I let them know why I have come up with the diagnosis I have and then I go through the DSM V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders) with them and clarify any questions they have.

I will also add, that for some clients, there is comfort in having a proper diagnosis.  Being able to name something that you are suffering through has distinct therapeutic benefits.

It all depends on you and what your needs are.

So if you have insurance that allows you to be reimbursed for your therapy sessions I will provide this super bill which you then turn over to your insurance company.

Some insurance providers won’t accept it, but many will.

I encourage you, I really do!  Should you be balking at therapy because you can’t find a therapist who takes insurance, and I’m not just saying myself, but any therapist that you make a connection with, find out if you can be provided a super bill.

It’s a kind of go around that many clients are not aware that they can have access to.


You will still have to pay me up front, that’s the nature of the system, but you may often get some portion if not all of your session costs returned to you.

Talk to your insurance provider, find out if they will reimburse.

Get a super bill.

Get therapy.

It helps.

It really does.

It’s worth every penny.

And so are you.




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